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A Silver Bullet A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away!

This year it seems has been worse than previous years for those trying to avoid getting sick. Everyone is complaining of not feeling well as they try to fight the “bad bugs” (bacteria, fungus, microbes, virus) that are making us sick. Unfortunately antibiotic use is so rampant, bugs are becoming resistant to this treatment,

One way to avoid falling into this antibiotic resistant “trap” and to prevent getting sick is by electron transfer with silver,

Silver Sol is particularly effective because of its Ag404 molecule, a thin multivalent (having several sites at which the molecule can attach and attack bugs) silver oxide coating that surrounds the metallic silver core. Silver sol works like a superhero’s arsenal of weaponry with its magnetic “force” via positively charged electrons. There are a few different potential mechanisms of action,

Silver Sol is a tasteless liquid. It works to:

  • blast away the oxygen capability of aerobic bugs
  • kill anaerobic germs via oxidation by demolishing enzymes that help maintain its anaerobic state

For these reasons, silver is more versatile than an antibiotic and much more valuable than gold when it comes to staying healthy.

Silver has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks and Romans used it to preserve food and they used silver utensils to help prevent food borne pathogens from causing disease. Later in the late 1800’s 1% silver nitrate was placed into the eyes of newborns to prevent blindness from gonorrhea. Treatment dressings for burn victims and wounded soldiers contain silver as a healing ingredient. Silver has been used by surgeons and hospitals preventively against infection and even used by the International Space Station to disinfect water.

Silver works as an antiviral (,  antifungal and antibacterial that destroys parasites, including both anaerobic and aerobic bugs. Silver can even work against the bugs that are antibiotic resistant ( rendering us helpless victims to the illness du jour.

I use Silver Sol by American Biotech Labs myself for over 10 years and recommend it to clients for its many uses:

  • dental hygiene
  • building and maintaining a healthy immune system (especially when an illness is coming on or the flu is in the air)
  • skin conditions (acne, eczema,) and wounds (diabetic), minor cuts and burns
  • travel (pray it on your mouth before, during or after getting on a plane)
  • kids germs and cuts (for faster healing), ear infections and skin lesions (molluscum)
  • jock itch
  • yeast infections (candida)
  • herpes
  • as a spray-on hand sanitizer or for gym equipment; the daily hand moisturizer will protect you from germs for 5 hours.

Typically I do not recommend brands but sometimes brand distinction is important. Silversol is a new generation product. It seems that its’ patented technology gives it more bioavailability and makes it more stable because it attaches to the water solution it is carried in, a silver solution. Salt is its one kryptonite and can reduce its effectiveness. So do not use Silver Sol with salt or higher sodium foods.

Some silver products may not be for everyone. Silver products can interact with prescription medication: penicillamine (Cuprimine, Depen), quinolone antibiotics, tetracycline and thyroxine (Levothroid, Levoxyl, Synthroid).

I have done some research on popular risks such as ” turning blue”,, killing healthy gut bacteria or concerns with medication interaction. I found a couple of recent studies on silver safety, in, and went further to learn more about the author, here’s what I found:

“Funding: This study was funded in part by Award Number UL1RR025764 from the National Center for Research Resources. Conflict of Interest: The authors declare no conflicts of interest or financial interests in any product or service mentioned in this article, including grants, employment, gifts, stock holdings, honoraria, consultancies, expert testimony, patents, and royalties.”

So this should be reliable data. However, as I tell all my clients, if you take any product, food, beverage or supplement and think it negatively affects you in any way. Use common sense, stop its use and communicate with your doctor.

There is no such thing as a “magic” bullet.  But there is such a thing as a silver bullet. Save yourself from getting sick and get rid of germs (foreign body invaders) that make you ill. Silver Sol is a superhero when it comes to guarding against a “home invasion” of body bugs including infections, bacteria, viruses and fungi, that can knock you down for the count!

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