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New Year’s Resolution: Make the Goal Lose The Weight


If you are thinking about New Years’ and making a resolution or you have been trying to get back on the bandwagon after falling off a few times. Realize that “defeat is a path leading to success” and it is a sign “that something is wrong” with what you are doing. Evaluate what has not worked in the past and try something new this year.

Instead of a once a year pledge or a half *ssed effort to stick to a diet, make a vow and make it a priority every day. Create a goal. Make your goal more than just a mind game. Use tools to give your goal a daily (or more) presence. Checks and balances can give life to your plan.

Set an alarm if you need a reminder, hold specific times of the day in your calendar to eat and at the end of each month to  re-visit your  goal and to determine if the goal is realistic. This makes the vow a more active part of your everyday routine. Then it becomes more than just a thought.

95% of dieters fail. So stay away from dieting and approach your goal with winning strategies. Do you want to lose weight or just be healthier this year? What is your goal? How will you accomplish it? The vow you make to yourself must be front and center on a daily basis.

For example:

Your goal might be: I will lose 2 pounds/week.

How are you going to achieve this goal? Specific behavior strategies that you choose to assist you with daily challenges.

The Strategies:

  1. Switch my low nutrient snacks for real foods that nourish (100 calorie snack pack out, celery with peanut butter in).
  2. I will track my foods for accountability (use an app to track daily food).
  3. I will not deprive myself of food when I’m hungry.

Allow yourself three and a half weeks to determine if the set goal is realistic or you need to change it so that it is attainable.

Renew your vow if you are successful, it’s working for you. Add a second goal with 3 new strategies for detailed actions in February. Do this each month.

If you have not achieved your goal in 3 weeks, re-do your vow so that it is more attainable.

The Resolution “re-do”

Example: I will lose one-two pounds each week


  1. If I eat a 100 calorie snack pack at work, this will be my only desert of the day.
  2. I will track my foods for accountability (use an app to track daily food).
  3. I will identify real hunger vs. eating when bored.

At the end of each month, set a time when you check-in, evaluate your progress, or lack of progress. Learn to accommodate your lifestyle, your food preferences and any other hiccup that might interfere with your goal in order to identify what works for you. When you individualize your own plan, you will beat the odds and find a lifetime of success.

Just because your initial attempt, or attempts, at weight loss or better health does not work, it does not mean throw in the towel. Like Bruce Lee said, “let defeat be your path to success”. There is more than one way to reach a goal. It may take a little time to find what works for you. But, you can pave your way to success by figuring out what works for you.


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A New Year’s Reservation Can Get You A Clean Bill of Health

Times Square New Years Eve Ball

Times Square New Years Eve Ball (Photo credit: ★ SimonPix)

No matter what your New Years’ Resolution is, you have to be in good health to see it through. So start the year off right by taking care of yourself.

It is typical to ignore the signs and symptoms of your body functioning at less than its’ peak performance. We tend to make excuses, like “I am getting old” or just simply ignoring the obvious. If you are curious what some of these symptoms might be, try looking at or completing these:

Both surveys are short and easy to complete. They will help assess the state of your health. Take notes with any questions or detailed information about any potential health risk; Then, make a reservation with your doctor so that any health threat can be identified as quickly as possible. Being prepared with a list will help you get the most out of your visit.

A healthy lifestyle often takes a back seat to wining and dining, doing things for others and anything else that might need your attention at the moment. Taking care of yourself, should be a top priority for the new year. Most medical conditions, if caught early, turn out to be a minor inconvenience.  If on the other hand, you avoid check-ups and appointments with your health care providers, you lose the advantage of early disease detection which is a major disadvantage as time is no longer on your side. More harm is done by avoiding care and forgoing an early diagnosis. Time then, becomes your enemy and a major risk to compromised health.

Living a healthy lifestyle and getting risk factors measured as a preventive step against illness is well worth your effort. Here is a list of health screenings typically done during an annual exam and specific screenings are listed for both men and women,

This year put your well-being first. The first of the year make a reservation with your doctor.  Get a bill you will be happy to receive. If your doctor serves up a clean bill of health you can move forward with a clear mind. If not, take the time to get your health in check. When managed early, many health issues are uncomplicated  and can be treated easily. Otherwise poor health can creep up on you faster than you realize making it more difficult to reverse undesirable health parameters.

Get out your calendar, pick up the phone and make a reservation to meet with your doctor. Open the lines of communication with your caregivers, take an active role in being healthy, take care of yourself.

I have made my reservations to monitor my health. What are you waiting for? Do the right thing, start the year off right. Stay healthy or get healthy but make good health happen. Let the Times Square New Years’ Eve Ball be the icon for your yearly date with your healthcare provider.

Happy and Healthy New Year to all!

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2012 Empty Calories Is Out, What’s In?

English: A picture of a collection of healthy ...
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The new year is a time when we place focus on eating right and losing weight. If calorie counting has not made a dent in attaining your goal weight, try these 3 easy tips in 2012 and it will forever make a difference in your life.

  • Switch your fixation on counting calories to a focus on “foods that fuel”
  • Read food labels to ensure you are buying foods that are not loaded with unwanted extras
  • Exercise your “MOM” (Mind Over Mouth) before eating anything

Whether you want to lose weight or just want to make better food choices these three tips are “IN” for 2012. Counting calories is “OUT” because:

1. people use this as an excuse to eat low-calorie low nutrient foods in way too many portions

2. 100 calorie snack packs are 75 calories more than a serving of  non-starchy veggies like cherry tomatoes, celery or sliced cucumber

3. Eating your total calorie allowance in the form of junk food is not nourishing

Unprocessed “foods that fuel” contain health boosting energy to get you through the day and will give you the satisfaction that empty calorie foods (“fat- free” or “low-calorie” commercially prepared food) cannot provide.

Wanna list of “foods that fuel”? You got it! It’ll be waiting here for you next week.


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Save Yourself From Dieting No No’s

Moving into February do not lose motivation with your healthy eating New Year’s resolutions. Here’s 50 quick tips to help keep you going,  I’m sure you can find one or two that work for you.
When you peel away the bells and whistles of any diet program, you must ask yourself, “What lifestyle is really going to work for me?”. Crazy diets do not work,! I know these sound a little outrageous but I want you to keep these in mind when you’re watching T.V. and a commercial for a weight loss product appears. I will use Alli as an example for the millions of legal diet products on the market, that should NOT be sold. 
Taking Alli is not such a crazy consideration, or is it? It is convenient to pop a pill and expect that your fat will melt away but it does not come without a cost. 
When you take Alli, you block a natural job  (lipase, an enzyme, is blocked from doing its job of breaking down fat. It leaves the body undigested and absorbed, therefore reducing calories) that your body is supposed to do. This does not sound too bad but let me explain the consequence of tampering with mother nature.
Alli lowers the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K and this is a  first step towards vitamin deficiency. Vitamins and minerals are vital to good health. Look at all the recent health benefits we now realize from vitamin D:
1. helps to promote strong bones by aiding the absorption of calcium
2.  it may help arm the immune system to defend against getting sick
3.  some research suggests it might play a role in assisting with weight loss. 
Here’s a list of more health benefits of vitamin D, that will be difficult to get if you choose to take any product that reduces the absorption of fat,
Add to that the embarrassment of uncontrollable gas, oily anal discharge, diarhhea…Disgusting  right, well not gross enough, it seems that over 40 million people ( I hope not together in the same general area.) have tried Alli. And yes there’s more side effects including more serious health consequences, 
 but there is not enough cases that link Alli with liver failure (YET).
Top it off with the weight loss results estimated at 3-5 pounds over what naturally happens with diet alone.  WOW, all this for a few measly pounds-you got a winner!
So I know it’s hard to hear but there is NO MAGIC BULLET! Keep your New Years’ Resolution, eat well, get rest, exercise and do what it takes to turn bad choices into good lifelong habits.  Save yourself from any marketing gimmick that seems too good to be true!
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A Reservation With Your Doctor Can Get You A Clean Bill of Health

No matter what your New Years Resolution is, you have to be in good health to see it through. So start the year off right by taking care of yourself.

Dr. Oz. has a 41 page quiz,, to assess your state of health. Take the quiz and if you have questions about your well-being print it out and make a reservation to see your doctor.

Your health often takes a back seat to wining and dining, doing things for others and anything else that might need your attention at the moment. This year put your well-being first and make a reservation with your doctor to serve up a clean bill of health.

If you are healthy, you can move forward with a clear mind. If you need a time-out to get your health in check do it! When managed early, many health issues are easy to handle. Otherwise poor health can creep up on you faster than you can blink an eye.

I made my reservation, have you made yours?

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