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Are You Eating GMO Foods and Just Don’t Know It?

Detection of genetically modified organisms

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There has been a big push to consume soy products. It is said that the benefits of soy include:

    • protection against heart disease 
    • protection against certain cancers
    • an equal quality protein replacement for animal protein

The list goes on and on. I think this may be generally true in small amounts, if it is REAL soy, and not genetically engineered.

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are used to produce Ninety three percent of soy in this country.  Read labels!

You are consuming GMO food if you eat any foods that come in a package or even if you think you are eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Do you use canola oil? Are you eating veggie burgers? Cold breakfast cereal?

Here’s a quick list of common GMO foods: alfalfa, corn, soy,papaya, zuchini, sugar cane, canola and cotton.

Of course we live in a complex eco-system so if the animal feed we give to livestock has GMO corn and soy to fatten them up, you also ingest this when you eat meat.  Consume of dairy products that are produced from cows given  GMO- bovine growth hormone (rbGH) has been to shown to increase the amount of IGF-1, a hormone associated with breast and prostate cancer.

Did I leave out fruits and veggies, In other words, just how much GMO food are you eating without even realizing it? I say,  add GMO foods to the “please do not feed me” food  list because we are supposed to have freedom of choice. 

You might want to read, ” 10 REASONS WHY We Don’t Need GM Foods”,


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Buyers Beware HFCS May Soon Be A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Raw (unrefined, unbleached) sugar, bought at t...

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High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is used as an ingredient in almost every food you consume. For years it has slowly crept into our food supply. Now there is a lot of controversy over its effects on health.  Oh yes, we are all human guinea pigs!

58% of consumers are concerned about the link of high fructose corn syrup with diabetes, heart disease, obesity…It’s no wonder the Corn Refiners Association (The BIG GUYS behind HFCS: Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, Tate and Lyle) petitioned the FDA to rename HFCS, “corn sugar”. See the Big Battle,

Now I’m not a fan of excess sugar in my food but I’d take real sugar cane over high fructose corn syrup any day. I suggest keeping sugar to a minimum by selecting fresh or frozen produce, but with this issue, I side with the sugar companies that are spending the big bucks to prevent the association of sugar with HFCS or its alias “corn sugar”. Huh, maybe they know something we don’t.

Even for those of us who believe HFCS may be harmful, unless you do a “kitchen” makeover, you have no control over what cheap products companies decide to use as ingredients for their products.  

This is a quick list of how to shop differently and make better food choices:

So for all my label readers’ out there, if you are shopping one day and you see an item that does not contain HFCS, check again for the “Wolf in sheep’s clothing–corn sugar” just to make sure you are not fooled by the Corn Refiners Association.


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