For Professionals

The Stubborn

Fat Fix


The Essential Guide to High Fiber,

Low Carbohydrate, Whole Food Diets

Valerie Berkowitz, MS, RD, CDN, CDE


Welcome to The Stubborn Fat Fix Study Guide, a self-directed accredited learning program. This program consists of a book of the same title by Valerie Berkowitz, MS, RD, CDE and Keith Berkowitz, MD, MBA and this study guide.

This program is designed to assist you in counseling clients and patients who have chosen a low carbohydrate way of eating, and to provide you with a wealth of practical information and support for you and your clients.

This learning program is approved for 24 continuing professional education units (CPEUs). It is a Level 2 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program, meaning that the reader has general knowledge of the literature and professional practice within the area covered. The focus of the program is to enhance knowledge and application.

To learn more about this CPE program please follow this link to the program website.


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