How Do You Keto?

07 Mar

Keto diet for acne

Reading the science literature, magazines,  blogs, Facebook  you will find a lot of supportive information that ties a ketogenic diet with reducing health risks for many illnesses (blood sugar and insulin disorders, heart disease, gut health, sports performance, mood enhancement….).  For weight loss,  a ketogenic diet has hands down proven itself to provide better results .

If you have been eating poorly and need to switch to a ketogenic diet or maybe you have been doing keto and are “stuck” it is always smart to find reliable sources to help. How do you go keto?

Of course some of you may need a clinical expert who can help identify complicated health situations. More and more clinical experts are popping up throughout the country and the rest of the world, I would be happy to help or find someone closer to where you live.

Yet many people just take the keto diet plunge and try it on their own. Of course, you can buy any of a million books,”Atkins New Diet Revolution”,  “Protein Power”, “The Stubborn Fat Fix”… but if you need a little extra support, I have found a wonderful online resource created by a woman named Martina Slajerova . She is from England and has lived a low carb lifestyle since being diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

I like her site,,  because she does not use any processed foods, unhealthy vegetable oils or artificial sweeteners in her cooking. She does use grass-fed beef and butter, raw hormone-free dairy and healthy fats like coconut oil. The recipes are all grain-free, sugar-free and gluten-free.

While everyone has a different budget and different health needs, I suggest you pick and modify the items that are best for you.

Here are a few FREE tools that I think can be helpful.

  1. The ketodiet buddy (macronutrient calculator) ,
  2. 14 day meal plans, including vegetarian sample menus,
  3. Recipes that take you from the keto diet basics into a life full of easy to prepare mouth watering delicacies. This includes alcoholic beverages like the Moscow Mule


There is a KetoDiet Cookbook she sells ,, that includes spicy tuna sushi rolls, beef teriyaki lettuce cups,  curried coconut chips and many foods to savor. Her latest masterpiece is a book full of 100 sinfully delicious indulgences, entitled “Fat Bombs”!!!!!!



So you can “cheat” without really cheating! Now I must put it out there, just because these “Fat Bombs” are keto you should not overdose despite the look and taste. These are small treats to get you through a craving or just cause you want to relax and have a treat. Then it is over, stop do not over eat.  If you can’t stop, don’t start. Eating keto is anything you make it to be, so enjoy it and use it for life. This way of eating is second to none and there is no reason to not make this part of a healthy lifestyle.

If you feel like you need more support there are many places to search: Facebook has a few groups such as, Ketone Power or Keto-Adaptation and there are online support groups like;, or

There is no reason why you cannot find support for whatever low carb/ketogenic/paleo type of lifestyle you choose. It is easy, just look and you will know how to keto in no time!


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