Traditional BBQ Fare vs. Jazzed Up July 4th Cookery

30 Jun

4th of july

Enjoy the 4th! Celebrate the nation’s independence on July 4th, 1776, .  If you’re interested in fun July 4th facts, safety tips …check out this website,

Because this is a Federal holiday, most of us WILL NOT be working and WILL be spending time with friends and family BBQ-ing the day away.

Yes, July 4th is one day and yes it is a day filled with food so I am here to remind you to make choices and select foods and beverages that you really want while passing on those that are not as important. Without much thought the sugar, carbs and calories can add up very easily.

Traditional BBQ Fare

Alcoholic drinks, lemonade, fruit punch, juice and soda (100 calories or more)

Hamburgers and hot dogs on rolls with ketchup

Cole slaw and potato salad

Baked beans

Potato chips


Red, white and blue cake

Just reading this list might send your blood sugar and weight skyrocketing as there is not much in the way of variety most of these foods listed are full of fat and sugar. If you are picturing these foods, you should realize not much color here…no green, orange, a little red, white and blue (strawberries, white frosting, blueberries) on the cake but really not enough to make a difference in balancing out all the junk.

So pick your poison.

If you want an alcoholic beverage say no to the potato and cole slaw. If you want more than one drink, you have to make another sacrifice.

If you know this is a typical menu at your BBQ, offer to bring a green vegetable salad with oil and vinegar or lemon juice and without excess sugar and fat.

If you eat your dog on a bun with ketchup, do not add more carbs and fat by chomping down on chips. Or just eat the food naked, no bun, and dip into the salad to offset the calories and carbs.

Half cup of baked beans is approximately 133  calories,  26 g of carbs and 10 g sugar in comparison with 1 cup of strawberries which is 50 calories 12 carbs and 7 grams of sugar.

Avoiding sugary or alcoholic drinks and selecting  calorie-free iced tea or water will save you 150 calories each serving. Think about food like fireworks, create an exciting unforgettable meal with a little bang this holiday.

Jazzed Up July 4th Cookery

Strawberry infused water or a low calorie beer or flavor infused vodka (69 cals) with seltzer

Fresh veggies (sliced cucumber, celery, carrots)

Blue cheese and cherry tomato salad drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette

Burgers, hot dogs, steak or chicken

Grilled mushrooms, peppers, onions, eggplant or String beans

Corn on the cob

Red, white and blue fruit salad (watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, peeled apple)

This menu is full of REAL colorful satisfying foods that will keep calories, fat and sugar down compared with the first food list. Any change you make to the first traditional but blah menu is a good one as long as your choices are real food instead of commercially prepared sugar fat and calorie laden kitchen chemistry.

Have fun this Independence Day! Take pleasure in healthy foods that will give your BBQ a new bang.


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