FITT Exercise into Your Holiday Plan

23 Dec

The FITT principle was developed to help people identify the important components of a well rounded result oriented exercise routine: how often, how intense (or hard), how long, and what various types of activities.

We are down to the stretch of the holiday hustle and bustle. There are 2 days left until another holiday feast is upon you. If your plan is to Mangia then by all means do so but plan accordingly.

For the next 2 days only eat low calorie veggies and lean meats. This will “help” balance all the heavy, high calorie, high fat, high carb food you will eat Christmas day. After, the 25th, repeat this again until New Years‘.

Assess your activities now, FITT exercise into your schedule the next 2 days and expect to keep it as part of a daily routine, OK a minimum of 3-4 days to start. What’s wrong with a little exercise on Christmas Day? Why not make it a family affair?

A new study conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has shown that exercise may play a pivotal role in appetite regulation. Catia Martins the lead investigator of the study believes that at a certain intensity and after a certain duration, exercise effects satiety hormones that can detect when the body has consumed enough fuel; and then signals it to stop eating“, So although it is difficult to make up for eating too much with excessive exercise, exercise may affect hormones that will help control your appetite, so you eat less. Low level exercise like walking did not create the same result.

To ensure your exercise routine plays a role in controlling your appetite use FITT as the tool that will help get you to the level of activity that will help minimize what you eat. When you exercise, you do not have to exercise like a warrior to reap the benefits but the exercise should be consistent and follow the FITT principle. Use the image above as a guide:  

  • Frequency – how often you exercise
  • Intensity – how hard you exercise
  • Type – the type of exercise you’re doing
  • Time – how long you exercise

If you are just starting and things are hectic now, do some simple flexibility exercises to get started. You may need to speak with your doctor about your exercise plans before starting out. It is easy to start with a stretch:

  • Stretch slowly and carefully
  • Inhale and breath out as you hold the stretch for about 20 seconds (you may feel uncomfortable to start but if it becomes painful then stop)
  • Complete 3 stretches before moving onto the next exercise

As you increase your flexibility, you will be better equipped to be more active. So, starting this simple routine during the holidays will prepare you for more of a workout when things settle down and you have more time to devote to more exercise. Here is a video and more instruction if you need,,,

Just like eating a variety of different foods will give you more of a balance of nutrients to fuel the different needs of your body, your exercise routine should be well-rounded as well. Your goal is to incorporate some cardiovascular and strength activities along with flexibility stretches you will master.  Identify your target heart rate, and adopt the F.I.T.T. principle.

Following the F.I.T.T. Principle will help you achieve better fitness and help evade boredom. Change the F.I.T.T. of exercise every 6 weeks. The goal, work towards HIIT (high intensity interval training),

Now make like a NIKE commercial and “Just Do It”! FITT Exercise into Your Holidays.


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