10 Winter Warm and Healthy Low Carb Foods and Beverages

12 Nov
Tom yum in Kobe, Japan ไทย: ต้มยำ Removed wate...

Tom yum in Kobe, Japan ไทย: ต้มยำ Removed watermark read: 神戸市中央区 「バーン・タイ」 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire, relaxing and eating warm food when it is cold outside! The weather here  (in New York) has been frightening and I thank G-d that it is relatively warm and sunny today. Even though it is warming up a little now, there’s nothing like preparing for the cold winter months ahead.  Here is a list of my favorite foods that help keep warmth in my soul and a smile on my face:

1. Hot cocoa:

I like chocolate, sometimes I love chocolate. So I drink hot chocolate,  Dana does it well,, or melt a couple of squares of my 85% cocoa Lindt or Vivani chocolate bars and start dipping strawberries.

2. Soup:

Any soup (coconut, seafood bisque, Tom Yum, French onion) that does not have sugar, maltodextrin or carb laden ingredients. If you use soup as a meal, up the protein on this recipe, You can use chicken, seafood or any protein substitute.

3. Chili:

Nothing like chili on a cold winters’ day,

4. Jalapeño poppers:

UMMM…Dana does it again, these poppers ARE yummy,, and NO GUILT!

5. Tea:

My favorite teas are green and herbal but these are also at the top of my list:


Teavana, strawberry lemonade tea makes me think of warm summer days while sipping on the warm tea that I use as a cold beverage in the summer. Just looking at the pictures warms my heart,

6. Stews:

I like using a crock pot to simmer meats in Tikka Masala sauce made by Seeds of Change. I do not have a recipe. Just open the jar, pour the sauce into the crock pot, add meat and let simmer.

7. Roasted nuts and seeds:

If you try this recipe,, you may also want to try using chestnuts or any nuts and other spices like cinnamon or nutmeg.

8. Garlic mashed potato:

Potatoes are known to be “comfort foods“, not for me but these cauliflower faux “mashed potato” recipes definitely make me feel good,, and of course Jimmy Moore’s recipe is a good one too,

The last 2 of my favorites come from Maria Emmerich, you absolutely must check out her website. All the foods that look too good to eat, are NOT, you can enjoy the look and taste of these masterpieces. So try the recipes and you can eat away because nothing is off-limits with the dishes she creates.

I met her doing Jimmy Moore’s, “Ask The Low Carb Experts Show” in July,

All her recipes are the bomb. For Maria’s recipes, visit her blog, “Maria’s nutritious and Delicious Journal”, You will find recipes for waffles, candy bars and novel ways to re-create the same hum drum meals you have been making forever, like Doro Watt (Crock Pot Chicken). Maria, your boys are handsome and I’m sure growing well with all the healthy food you are feeding them!

9.  Pumpkin pie:

Something about this time of the year makes me crave pumpkin and this recipe hits the spot,

10.  “Cream-of-wheat” cereal:

A warm breakfast cereal in the morning is just what you need before you leave your comfy home and go outside to brave the cold,

I love trying new foods, especially from different cultures, and sharing food ideas. I would love to hear about your food favorites, winter, summer, holiday  choices whatever. What foods make you happy? Which foods keep you warm? Are there easier or better ways to prepare my favorites? Chime in and let us know more about you.


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3 responses to “10 Winter Warm and Healthy Low Carb Foods and Beverages

  1. Norm Robillard

    November 20, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Thanks for these wonderful holiday recipes links Valerie. I can’t wait to try the paleo hot chocolate – maybe watching the game on Thanksgiving!

    • Valerie Berkowitz

      November 20, 2012 at 11:11 am

      Wshing you and your family a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy the game and your hot chocolate 🙂


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