Eat Foods With Fat: What is your response to carb overload? (3)

19 Aug

NutriSystem chocolate chip pancakes (with adde...

Bet you are waiting for reason #3 and so here you have it, the three reasons why you should eat food with fat:

1. When you eat real “fat” foods, that provide nutrients NOT available in low-fat foods, they serve as part of your “variety” of foods that contribute to a “balanced” diet.

2. As you consume fat soluble nutrients (through eating “fat” foods), they are readily absorbed and your body gets the broad spectrum of nutrition it needs to be healthy and function.

3. The third reason is the response to carbohydrate overload (100% of carbohydrates turns to sugar), hormones (insulin/cortisol…) and organs (liver/pancreas…) work overtime chasing high and low blood sugar levels and trying to maintain balance. This affects health and contributes to:

Overweight and obesity: Cravings and hunger are communication signals from your body telling you to feed it the nutrients you are lacking, not necessarily more empty (low/non-fat foods providing calories and little nutrients) calories but the lacking nutrients from the lack of healthy fats. Also, the more carbs you consume, the more insulin your body produces making it more difficult to lose weight, no matter how many calories you do or DO NOT eat. When blood sugar is lowered by insulin, you get hungry.

Blood sugar issues:

Diabetes (high blood sugar): As fat is vilified, you eat more carbs/sugar, your blood sugar spikes

Low blood sugar and mood changes: then like all things that go up blood sugar falls or maybe it even crashes leaving you hungry, irritable and mean. The real focus should not be on calories but the removal of the cause of the roller coaster ride your blood and organs are on trying to bring the body back into balance.

Irritability is not the only emotionally related issue linked to a “fat-free, higher
carb” diet. I’ll keep you hangin’ ’til next week on this one. As I have too many health issues to mention in this weeks blog.

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