Spring Cleaning for the Mind, Body & Soul And Bon Voyage!

05 May
Black Mountain and viewed from in Canberra.

Black Mountain and viewed from in Canberra. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I promised to send you tips on how you might spring forward to reach your personal goals,

Here are 4 tips to get you started:

Clobber the Clutter

For many of us, the often-used expression “Build a bridge and get over it” is much easier said than done. We walk through our day-to-day lives carrying around resentment toward someone or something, weighed down with things we can’t change. Too often in life, we sweep emotional issues under the carpet or lock them in a closet. These unresolved issues will eventually affect our lives, and can result in a variety of physical symptoms, up to and including serious illness. This spring, decide to let go of any negative feelings that you have and trust that things will ultimately work out. Trying to control the uncontrollable is stressful and ultimately unnecessary. Recognizing, confronting, and eliminating this emotional baggage will be incredibly freeing and uplifting.

Dust Away Guilt

Letting go of guilt and the negative feelings that go along with it is vital for your emotional health. By releasing yourself from guilt’s heavy grip, you will be free to open yourself up to creating and treasuring happy memories. Finding your own way to do this can by very therapeutic. One idea is to write down your feelings on paper and then watch that piece of paper burn — or throwing a stone, representing the guilt you feel, into the ocean can be cathartic. The way you choose to rid yourself of guilt should be symbolic and meaningful to you and an act or gesture you can return to if that negative feeling returns again in the future.

Weed Out the Bad Seeds

Holding on to negative thoughts and people clutters your mind with unneeded tension and stress. If someone does not make you feel good about yourself, why have them in your life. Unload negative thoughts and problems you have been holding onto, and eliminate the stress that has built up. Rid yourself of toxic people and use this opportunity to toss out work-related stress, an argument with a loved one, or even disappointments that you may experience within yourself.

Simplify Your Life

Yes, it is easier said than done, especially in today’s non-stop world, but now is the time to truly stop and smell the roses. With increased demands from work, family, and life in general, it is easy to become over scheduled on a daily basis. Learn to say ‘no’ to time demands that aren’t serving your spiritual side well. Trade some of your more taxing obligations with ones that are more self-nurturing. By doing so, you will see a dramatic change in your stress levels. As you change gears, your perspective will change as well as you step foot on the path to living a more simplified life.

As you take the needed time this season to cleanse your spiritual side — as well as your brick and mortar home — allow yourself to bloom along with the magnificent flowers. Now is the time to welcome the wonderful new possibilities of a clean and renewed soul for spring.

—Alyson Levine

I’m going to clear my mind, body and Soul on Jimmy Moore’s Low Carb cruise, While I’m gone please send me some of your ideas to help others spring forward to reach their personal goals.

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