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Top Ten Low Carb Luxury Foods

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Lots of you liked my last post, Top Ten Low Cost Low Carb foods, So, I thought I’d list some low carb foods you may want to indulge with or just treat yourself if you’ve fallen into a low carb food rut.


1. Kobe Beef

2. Veal

3. Lamb

4. Iberico Ham

* Beef Spare Ribs gets an honorable mention


5. Cavier

6. Lobster

7. Nova Lox

8. Shrimp

9. Oysters


10. Duck & Foie Gras

Now if you want some low carb accompaniments, visit CarbSmart, get your coupon, and shop, shop, shop! You will find great delicacies to cook with and a variety of low carb friendly foods to enjoy.


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