Secret Ingredients are NOT A Secret

05 Feb
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My first blog of the year, “” listed 3 easy tips that would change your life forever:

Tip one: Include “foods that fuel” as part of your daily meals.


I have written about label reading before,,,,  and believe reading labels are so important I’m gonna do it again. This time with a slightly different angle because one of my top favorite magazines “Experience Life” has written a great informational piece!

“Secret Ingredients” is an eye-opening article and you NEED to know “what” is in your food.

“Secret Ingredients” are not Secret. All you have to do is read the label on the package of the food you eat.

My recommendations:

1. The more ingredients a package has, the more important it is  to avoid the  item.

2. If the ingredients sound like they come from a chemistry lab, avoid the item.

3. Eat more veggies, they do not have a package and are considered “foods that fuel”.


Anyway, here are the interesting points from the article you should know:

Processed food is 75% of the Nations diet and this provides 8-10 pounds of additives/year.” 

1. Polysorbate 60, is a chemical concoction  of “ethylene oxide (used as an explosive), palm oil and hydrogenated corn syrup” . Notice the last two items are corn syrup (lots of sugar) and oil (fat), a perfect combo for weight problems

2. Artificial sweeteners, saccharin, aspartame, Ace-K, are linked to issues with the thyroid, nerves, urinary infections and specific types of cancers.

Read food labels to ensure you are buying healthy non-contaminated foods that are not loaded with ingredients that threaten your weight and health.


Read my blog next week for the rest of the list from the article, “Secret Ingredients”.


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