Paying Tribute to Those Who Inspire Us: Congrats Jimmy Moore on your 500th Podcast

21 Sep

The Livin La Vida Low-Carb Show 

On Thursday September 2011 Jimmy Moore One of the most dedicated dieter turned professional low carb crusader will celebrate the 500th episode of his podcast.

Jimmy is controversial, edgy, straightforward and opinionated and why not?  He is rightfully one of the most well known low carbers on Earth. Following his amazing 180+ pound low-carb weight loss success in 2004, Jimmy has been on a one-man mission to tell the whole world what Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb can do for them. He began by documenting his own story and now he interviews doctors, researchers, scientists, healthcare practitioners, bloggers, foodies and any individual who might be able to help others live a healthy low carbohydrate lifestyle. Jimmy Moore’s tenacity has created a “tiny city” of followers, I think. He has managed to blog, publish two books, maintain a discussion board and now the success of this podcast,,,,

He’s like a low carb potato chip (you can’t eat just one)…he’s addictive!

On Thursday, September 22nd, around noonish Jimmy will celebrate his 7 years of success and his show will contain short segments from 40 former guests, lasting about 90 minutes, discussing the impact the podcast has made in 500 episodes it has aired. So pop in to join “the party” and enjoy the day.

Anyone who knows Jimmy knows that he does this because it is what he loves to do. So Jimmy for your 500th anniversary I nominated you forThe 7th Annual Podcast Awards” in two categories: Peoples Choice and Health/Fitness,

Good Luck Jimmy! You’ve got my vote.

 Who inspires you?


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