Is Valerie’s Voice Finally Being Heard?

23 Aug

As a nutritionist, I admit I’d like to think my professional opinion on diet and nutrition is embraced. I understand my philosophy is a little unconventional and maybe just a bit more controversial. However, because of my difference of opinion with many other nutrition experts it is much more difficult for my voice to be heard.

It is much easier to go along with the flow. It’s funny I do not think I’ve ever been a conformist so much of what I experience now is actually what I’ve lived with all my life, LOL!

Yes, I think outside-the-box but my colleagues like to keep these thoughts and practices buried as deep as possible to avoid rocking their “boat”. I try using my frustration with my peers and their attitude towards my views as the fuel that keeps me going.

So with that said, hats off to you, Elisa Zeid, MS, RD, CDN,, a registered dietitian who disagrees with my way of practicing nutrition yet still wrote “A Fix For Stubborn Fat“, for GalTime,, despite her personal beliefs.

Thank you, Elisa, I agree with Kathleen Zelman. You are “one of America’s finest registered dietitians” and in my opinion, are one of America’s “finest journalists” too.

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