Summer Sabotage Solutions (Part 2)

12 Jun

Here are the last five summer sabotage solutions from my Top Ten Summer Sabotage blog, If you want to see the original sabotage post and the first five solutions click here, and here,

6. No doubt the days are longer during the summer months. Walking the boardwalk, summer BBQ’s and celebrations, social gatherings make longer days and cozy moonlit nights more enjoyable. It’s also a perfect opportunity to eat and drink more, so don’t!

7. Many summer snacks and beverages are loaded with salt, sugar and fat. If These items are already abundant in your diet, watch out for funnel cakes, margaritas, ices just to name a few typical summer foods that will quickly demolish your diet.

Don’t let your mind play tricks on you. Key questions to ask yourself before you indulge include: Do I really need to drink this after drinking last night? Can I share this with one or more people? Is this going to quench my need to consume this food or will it make me yearn for more?  How will I feel after I eat this and how will it affect my goal(s)? Can I make changes in my daily routine to offset what I’m about to eat?

8. Taking a vacation may upset your healthy routine but only if you let it. Sitting on the beach is nice but exploring the town—biking,walking,water skiing, snorkeling, going to museums all have a place in your break and they can make it an unforgettable time in your life. As far as eating goes remember my “rule of thumb”, always include your greens in the meals you choose even while away.

9. Traveling makes it more difficult to make good food choices, really why? McDonald’s has salads. Really you can find better choices if you want to see that they are there. The travel bug, for some reason, puts blinders on your eyes making it difficult to see all the healthy options that are available.

10. Schedule social events so that you still have time to focus on your health. If you have to show up fashionably late to incorporate exercise into your day or you work out a little longer when you know you may not work out the  next day,  why not take the time? Eat right or cut the extras from your diet before your big social event  these are easy things you can control without giving up your goals and feeling the pain of gain!  You can balance your social life with good health and personal satisfaction.

So, “JUST DO IT”! Make minor adjustments to live without having to completely deprive yourself of the small things in life that make you happy :)!!!!

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