Memorial Day Means Summer is Here So Beware!

30 May

Unofficially Memorial Day gears us up for the summer months ahead. It’s a good time to think ahead and assess your summer eating routine. The hot summer sun may be enough to curb your appetite but parties, parties, parties and your social calendar quite possibly trump the heat and its effect on your food choices.

 So sit back, raise your glass and relax while you read on….

Diet Sabotage in the Summer ”

Top 10 List

  1.  Drinking too many sweet drinks with excess calories and not enough water
  2. Sitting on the beach to work on a tan and not walking the boardwalk
  3. Allowing the temperature to interfere with consistent exercise routines
  4. Excess BBQ sauce, mayonnaise laden macaroni/potato salad and salad dressings
  5. Desserts that cool you down like ice cream and Ices and eating other summer junk like  fried dough and cotton candy
  6. Snacking or drinking more just because the sun sets later and you stay awake longer   
  7. Eating the salty and sugar filled foods mentioned above make you crave and eat more
  8. Vacationing  upsets your usual healthy routine
  9. Traveling makes it more difficult to make good choices
  10. Being more social in the summer many times means less attention spent on healthy habits

Come back for suggestions on how to overcome summer sabotage…And Enjoy Memorial Day!


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