Sitting on the Low Carb Fence: Preventing Fatty Liver

23 Apr

Why am I asking you to read this, Because it is another study that supports the health benefits of eating low carbohydrate foods and it may help get you off the low carb fence.

The main point is that, “curbing carbohydrates is more effective than cutting calories for individuals who want to quickly reduce the amount of fat in their liver”.

It’s interesting how the researchers cannot explain why this is but in my mind it is pretty simple. In all the research I have seen lowering carbohydrates, significantly lowers triglycerides and the investigators say it themselves, “this disease is characterized by high levels of triglycerides in the liver”.

Now here’s what I need some help with. They say:

1. “This is not a long-term study, and don’t think that low-carb diets are fundamentally better than low-fat ones,”

Yes, that is what the results of the study showed, no?

2. “Our approach is likely to be only of short-term benefit because at some point the benefits of weight loss alone trounce any benefits derived from manipulating dietary macronutrients such as calories and carbohydrates.”

Huh, at “some” point the benefits of weight loss alone trump any benefits from manipulating calories and carbs? Please explain, this is science, what does “some point” mean? Is it after 2 weeks, well this is not studied yet so when? For now we know that reducing carbs is better at reducing fat in the liver.

If you cannot stick to a low carb diet or prefer a low fat diet then losing weight gives you better results than not losing weight and it is certainly an option to help improve your health.

But if I had a fatty liver, I’d use the best eating approach to help rid my liver of fat!…And according to this study, a low carbohydrate diet is better.

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