A Convenience Food Diet: How Convenient?

09 Nov

I can’t believe my eyes as I read, ” Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds”,

It’s pretty amazing but do not get your high hopes any higher. The magic trick is that he was able to control his calories by controlling his portions. He cut back 1000 calories from his usual diet. For many people, eating these foods only triggers hunger and an insatiable desire to eat more.

And, of course, remember he ate this way for 10 weeks. Then he quite and he no longer eats this way anymore. You wanna know why, because as much as we’d like to believe we had the genes to eat Twinkies all day everyday, it probably gets pretty boring. The diet did not last not long enough to see any long term health effects from a lack of nutrients and tons of sugar. Who knows maybe all the research out there is full of crap and this nutritionist may have started a trend.
Way to go! Its probably goes against everything I ever learned is proper nutrition, actually he agrees.

So what was the point, he cut calories, he did not binge and kept his cool. He lost weight improved his health risk factors by eating a controlled amount of junk food. He ate too many calories from healthy foods and those excess calories created an overweight person.

Maybe his experiment proved something else? When he added a steak to his convenient food diet, his cholesterol went up. It seems to show that in the presence of sugar (or a diet predominantly high carb/high trans fat/cornsyrup) eating high fat items is not good for you. I only wish he would have changed his diet and cut out the junk diet and continued to eat steak and salad. What would have happened then?

Here’s another one for anyone who has a blood sugar imbalance. I’d advise you


to try it!


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