Why is Fluoride the Chosen One?

31 Aug

Does it make sense to add fluoride to the water supply? No other vitamin or mineral is supplemented to the public in the same manner. Why not add calcium, vitamin D, magnesium boron or any other element that will strengthen bones?

The answer is because any of these can be toxic in large amounts!!!!  There is controversy with adding vitamins to foods for this very reason. If a person consumes too many products fortified with the same nutrient, one you may be overexposed but it is also very easy to create an imbalance of some nutrients when overloading on others.

Here’s what the World Health Organization suggests, , “Moderate-level chronic exposure (above 1.5 mg/liter of water) is common. People affected by fluorosis are often exposed to multiple sources of fluoride, such as in food, water, air (due to gaseous industrial waste), and excessive use of toothpaste. However, drinking water is typically the most significant source. A person’s diet, general state of health as well as the body’s ability to dispose of fluoride all affect how the exposure to fluoride manifests itself.”

If this is true and it seems that issues with fluoride are based on the individual, how is it put into the public water supply?

What I know about fluoride is that there are 2 types:

1.Calcium fluoride found naturally in water, foods and soil
2.Sodium fluoride created by man and then added to drinking water, toothpaste and other similar products

Why is sodium used to mimic the ‘natural’ calcium fluoride?  Oh yeah, anytime we “need” more than what can naturally be supplied or we deem something “unhealthy”, we create a “new and safe” version, for example, artificial sweeteners or foods that are genetically modified.

I’m not saying there are masses of people dying from using fluoride as an additive but could it be knocking other nutrients in our bodies out of balance creating quality of life issues for people?

I guess I’m a little annoyed at our food and water supply and those who make these types of decisions for me and the general population.

I got some interesting information about fluoride so save some time to read more later.


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