Get Your Sexy Back: Drink Water

30 Jul

With all the new beverages on the market, it may seem pointless to waste time on an ancient no frills drink like water. But, water will help you get your “SEXY” back. I have seen people open up a diet soda for breakfast without a second thought and drink the 2 liter bottle for the rest of the day. I’m always amazed and sometimes I’m bold enough to ask, “Why”. Why aren’t a majority of your drink selections water?

Here are a few of the responses I often get:

• I like the taste of flavored beverages
• I like the bubbles
• I like to jumpstart my day and water does not do it for me
• I just do not drink water unless I have to, I do not like it
• I get water from drinking my favorite beverage and from the foods I eat

All of these reasons may seem like good ones, I guess, but really, they are not good reasons at all because…

1. As you consume artificial flavors or non-nutritive sweeteners your taste buds begin to expect the sweetness which can lead to eating more calories.
2. The bubbles may look appealing and feel good going down but they do not dissolve, they must and will come out, gas/bloating anyone?
3. Your early morning caffeine “jumpstart” can mean you are not sleeping well and it masks the underlying problem. Caffeine pulls vitamins, minerals and water from your body.
4. You are fooling yourself if you think you do not need to drink water just because water is a part of the foods you are eating/drinking.

Quite frankly there is nothing sexy about pumping gunk into your body, nothing sexy about not sleeping, passing gas and getting all dry and wrinkly from the dehydrating effects of caffeine, excess sugar and salt. Drinking water will rehydrate your body without the excess effects sugar, salt or caffeine.

If you want your “sexy” back, drinking enough water is one way to get it. Your body needs about ½ your weight in ounces. For example if you weigh 200 pounds you should drink about 100 oz. of water. If you weigh 100 pounds you may only need about 50 oz. You should drink more water if you exercise (the rule of thumb is 8 oz. for every 20 minutes of activity), travel on planes and if it’s hot and humid outside.

Open a bottle, a bottle of water, and drink to your health.


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