Environmental Pollution is Toxic to Your Weight and Health

23 May

Can’t lose weight? Maybe you’re following a healthy nutrition plan but your diet is being challenged by environmental pollutants. Familiarize yourself with environmental toxins (see link below)  that are found in products we use everyday, such as food (preservatives: like corn syrup and trans fats, MSG, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavorings), nail polish, dry cleaning, cosmetics, canned food and plastic bottles and containers and many other sources that we come into contact with everyday.

Organotins (ingredients found in household products and pesticides found to upset the normal function of fat cells) and xenoestrogens (by-products of processing that act like the natural fat-storing hormone estrogen) are just two general categories of environmental toxins that you are exposed to on a daily basis.

You can view a large list of specific chemicals that affect your health and potentially your weight, here: I think this site provides a basic understanding of the connection between environmental pollutants, your metabolism and health. While I thought the information provided here was good to pass on, I was unable to find out enough information about the author’s education and experience as a nutrition expert. Therefore, although I use the website as a reference I CANNOT and DO NOT recommend personal nutrition counseling or ordering supplements from this person.

In today’s world there is so much exposure to chemicals and very little scientific evidence about the direct consequences of this exposure but you have to know that the human body may be able to filter some foreign chemicals for short periods of time but what happens with close-up and prolonged exposure to toxins that are consumed, inhaled or absorbed?

What can you do to minimize potential build up of toxins?

  1. Get a better understanding of what toxins surround you
  2. Remove as many chemical toxins as possible from your environment
  3. Use natural cosmetics, lotions and other products that you directly put on your hair skin etc…
  4. Drink untainted spring water, green or herbal tea, a green drink. i.e. Greens Plus ( or another green drink beverage
  5. Eat organic/free-range/natural foods when possible
  6. Sweat when you exercise to help eliminate toxins
  7. Speak with your doctor about supplements that may help to support your liver, hormones, thyroid, etc…or any system that may be affected

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