Getting Kids On The Right Track To Eating Healthy (Continued)

05 Mar

Schools and supermarkets are starting to see the value in supporting healthy eating practices. Our school district hosted a “Fit n Fun” Day last year, it was so popular they decided to make it an annual event. They ask parents and local businesses to participate. Everyone, especially the kids, has a good time.

Some of the participants included in our district’s “Fit n Fun” Day were dentists, nutritionists and doctors, bike shops and other businesses like karate and pizza restaurants. The kids loved trying Dance, Dance Revolution and then coming over to our booth. I teamed up with Greenfield’s Shop Rite in Plainview, N.Y. to make yogurt parfaits (some kids just wanted the fruit). Last year we had the kids make their own fruit shish kebobs. Nothing like a day filled with good healthy fun and eating a variety of foods that provide lots of color . Shop Rite was extremely generous in donating the food and they made a lot of little faces smile.

I must say it feels really good when we all get together for a good cause like keeping our children happy and healthy. The community spirit was strong and the positive vibe stays with the children of all ages.

Are you involved with setting a good example for kids and their healthy eating choices? I’d like to hear about some of the things you do.


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