We All May Have The Potential to Capture The Fountain of Youth!

14 Nov

The Fountain of Youth is a legend claiming eternal youth for anyone who drinks its water. Many companies try to keep this legend alive by selling supplements, creams and promises of a younger more youthful you!

Well many of you may realize this but my belief is that we all have the ability to capture The Fountain of Youth. However, it will not be found in a fountain or a single product that is full of promises. The Fountain of Youth is a state of mind, body and soul. Your youthful appearance, your wellness and happiness all come from within you.

Aging is a result of different reactions that occur naturally in our bodies. By the time we reach our 20’s our bodies begin to switch from building to maintaining and then eventually to losing many of the functions that keep us looking young and keeping us healthy.

While we still look good on the outside, by the time we are 25 years old we experience many age related changes inside our bodies:

1. muscle mass decreases 3-5% every 10 years
2. bone reaches its peak mass and then naturally starts to lose 1% of bone per year
3. we start to lose collagen (important for skin, bones, teeth) at a rate of 1.5% per year

A consequence of not having enough muscle mass is that you cannot eat the same amount of food without gaining weight. A consequence of bone loss is increased risk of breaking bones. A consequence of less collagen is more wrinkles. And although these are three different symptoms of aging they can work together. Collagen helps muscles recover after a work out. More muscle (not being a body builder just maximize your body’s natural muscle capacity) helps you maintain your activity, weight, movement etc… Stronger bones will help prevent falls and also supports movement.

Mistakenly, many people believe that it’s the outside appearance that counts the most. Meanwhile your internal aging clock keeps ticking and it’s as important to focus on the inside “body” health as it is to focus on the outside. More and more I am finding that thin people who seem very healthy on the outside are unhealthy on the inside and although you may not hear any complaints, I see the diagnosis of diabetes and other complaints that severely affect quality of life. Your healthy insides will help give your skin and outside appearance a makeover.

What are some ways you might be able to stay young and healthy on the inside? I’ll let you know in my upcoming blog.


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