10 Guilt Free, Free Gifts

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English: Gift ideas for men - wrapping paper e... English: Gift ideas for men – wrapping paper example. Please source (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cyber Monday is here, conveniently in time for the gift giving season. There are great deals to be had. Giving and receiving gifts is a big part of the holidays and marketers and retail stores are all vying for your attention and your money. You can go online,,  or in any store and pick up almost anything to gift and at any price.

But you do not have to spend every dime you own to show love and caring. Some of the best gifts come from the heart and do not have to cost a penny. More importantly guilt free, free gifts are calorie free and will not sit on a shelf or in a garage, Bottom line, these days it just seems to make no sense if you are spending…

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Thanksgiving: Sharing Sweetness With Cultural Harmony and Without the Sugar

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Three more days before the day of the turkey! I wish you all a wonderful holiday.

Bring back the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving Day. Just like many holidays, turkey day has evolved into an excuse to STUFF your face. The original celebration was much more meaningful than just sitting down to a dinner.

The first celebrated Thanksgiving Day in 1621 was a shared feast between the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians.  The feast was a celebration of the bountiful harvest and what came to be a 50 year friendship between the two cultures. The Indians helped the pilgrims learn how to thrive in a land they were not equipped to survive; avoiding poisonous plants, harvesting corn and taking sap from trees.  Both groups contributed to the feast, the Indians brought deer and spices while the colonists contributed wild fowl,  vegetables (corn, lettuce, cabbage, onions, peas and carrots) and…

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It: A Twist in Fate for Fat!

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Nutritional advice is anything but consistent. Fat phobia has been ingrained (LOL) in our minds over the years but recently it seems the headlines contradict all that:

  • “Fat Is Key To Your Survival”
  • “Butter Isn’t Bad For You After All”

While these headlines might be shocking to some, there are an estimated “30 million people in the U.S. following some sort of diet that restricts carbohydrates” who have experienced the powerful benefits of this way of eating (WOE).  Most low carb plans are higher…

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Hormonal Havoc Harnesses Metabolic Overdrive (Part 2)

Valerie's Voice: For the Health of It

body-trade-in body-trade-in (Photo credit: cheerfulmonk)

Do not trade in your body for a newer model, until you have tried these remedies for hormonal havoc and Metabolic Overdrive (MO).

Last week Part 1 of Hormonal Havoc Harnesses MO focused on two of the three major sex hormones that need to be aligned to achieve good health and weight loss, estrogen and testosterone,

Progesterone is the third and equally  important hormone as testosterone and estrogen. It teams up with cholesterol to produce the sex hormones, cortisol and DHEA. It is the primary hormone effecting menstruation, fertility and vaginal dryness for women and has been linked to prostate health for men. You men may be interested in this,

What are normal progesterone levels?

You can look ’em up here,

Causes of Low Progesterone (Low P)

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A Halloween Candy Scare!

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Spooky, frightful, chilling party events, ghost stories and dress-up costumes are all part of Halloween fun but the party food and drink, trick or treating and left over candy can be the death of all us all!

Halloween is an Irish custom celebrated since the 1900’s.  It is considered the Celtic New Year  marking the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Customary orange representing a bountiful harvest and the turning color of  leaves, while black   symbolizes the “death” of summer and the changing season.

While the cultural experience of Halloween like carving Jack-o-Lanterns, bobbing for apples  and medieval folklore are rooted in this holiday, if you are not too frightened to learn more about the scare of the holiday then dare to check this out, “13 Halloween Superstitions & Traditions Explained”,

It seems that these traditions have been tossed into the witches cauldron only giving…

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Hormonal Havoc Harnesses Metabolic Overdrive (Part1)

Valerie's Voice: For the Health of It

Image result for low testosterone images

The sex hormones are also tied into metabolic overdrive and the next two weeks will focus on them. We all know that the fountain of youth does not exist but if you feel the need to turn back the hands of time consider balancing sex hormones. Hormone levels begin to change by age 30-35.

As each of these hormones reach “out-of-whack” status, additional hormones like insulin and cortisol are negatively affected compounding metabolic overdrive (MO) for weight and health.

Hormonal overdrive or MO, through the involvement of insulin and cortisol, is linked with metabolic disorders: obesity, diabetes,  metabolic syndrome (in normal weight people too) and heart disease.

Ask yourself some of these general questions if you think hormones are at the root of your (MO).

1. Are you tired during the day?

2. Do you have a low sex drive/libido (lower than in the past or than what you’d…

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Insulin’s Immense Role in Metabolic Overdrive (MO)

Valerie's Voice: For the Health of It

English: Diagram shows insulin release from th... English: Diagram shows insulin release from the Pancreas and how this lowers blood sugar leves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it’s just because of its role as a counter-regulatory hormone (it balances out other hormones: cortisol, growth hormone, glucagon etc…) that raises blood sugar ? Maybe it is due to insulin‘s role in fat storage? Or maybe it’s the relation to high blood pressure and heart disease or digestion? But, most likely it is for all of the above reasons that insulin is a main catalyst for metabolic overdrive (MO).

Insulin is a fat storing hormone released by the beta cells in the pancreas. Aside from its major role in blood sugar regulation via the liver, muscle and fat cells, insulin is involved in emotional and cognitive brain function and its’ reward system (“a collection of structures in the brain that attempts to regulate and control behavior by inducing pleasurable effects,”), nerve function…

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